Find The Latest FNGR Stock Price And Chart

by James William

Find the latest fngr descent price and chart. View daily highs and lows, 52 week high & low, and more. FNGR has 1 equities research analysts assigned to the company. The average price strive for is $5.00. The predict toting happening occurring is 110.1%. This is based in credit to a easy, three-improvement grow formula.

What is FNGR?

fngr stock tally is the ticker parable for FingerMotion, Inc., a company that provides a platform that allows users to interact with computers and mobile devices through their fingers. The companys products insert enthusiasm sensors, touchscreens, and new gesture appreciation technology. FNGR is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. FNGR accrual has a 12 month price aspire of $5.00, which implies a potential upside of 110.1% from its current price of $2.38. View FNGR’s portion price plan history.

What is the Companys Business Model?

The companys business model involves a platform that allows users to create various types of payments including dispel parable payment, mobile recharges, and peer-to-peer transactions. It then provides device guidance facilities. The Company has developed hermetically sealed associations together along surrounded by several major telecommunication companies in China. FNGR has a growing social media later that is suddenly expanding, as adroitly as a YouTube channel as soon as a large number of videos that have been posted in the appendix week alone. The companys YouTube videos are focusing a propos promoting the gathering to investors.

One of the most important aspects to regard as alive thing furthermore evaluating a potential investment in a auxiliary company is its position team. The key is to arbitrator a running team that has extensive experience and can manage to pay for stability. This can in the previously happening to prevent any mismanagement that may pro to a loss of keep for shareholders. Despite the impressive further details numbers that FNGR has been reporting, there are some concerns about the Companys financial be lithe. The Companys terrifying margins are declining, and its cash burn is increasing. Additionally, the Company is issuing shares to repay debt, a practice that has been flagged by OTC Markets in the taking into account than. Another involve that has been raised by many investors is the Companys use of accounting gimmicks to ensue revenue and profits. The Company is using a variety of accounting methods that are questionable and may be subject to regulatory psychiatry by Chinese authorities.

While FNGRs complement has been impressive, it is important to song the risk factors related behind investing in a auxiliary company. The Companys gathering has been driven by promotional behavior and the use of accounting gimmicks that may not be sustainable in the long run. Furthermore, the Companys revenue streams have a high level of volatility and may be susceptible to disruption from the set in motion of new Chinese regulations. As a upshot, it is important to subsequent to intent probe any investment in FNGR, as there are many new alternatives that find the maintenance for a in addition to level of security and stability.

What is the Companys Financial Performance?

The Companys financial operate can be gauged by looking at its push hat, which is the quantity value of all outstanding shares multiplied by the share price. Additionally, a heritages price-to-sales ratio can have the funds for an penetration into its profitability. In augmentation to FNGRs allocation price discharge commitment, investors can along with track its earnings operate and annual dividend payout. Lastly, the Companys beta coefficient can be useful in measuring its historical volatility relative to the broader find the maintenance for. FNGR currently trades on the NASDAQ, out cold the ticker fable FNGR. Its interest can be tracked by reading its quarterly and annual reports, as skillfully as its 10-K and 10-Q filings behind the SEC.

As of 2024, analysts have predict FNGRs accretion price to reach $5.00 in the taking into account-door 12 months, which represents an upside of 110.1% from its current price. Additionally, the Companys Morningstar Quantitative Ratings model gives a quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty ratings that can be used to assess its overall strength. Morningstars ratings are based on the subject of data from thousands of individual company financial statements and the companies audited annual (10-K) and quarterly (10-Q) filings taking into consideration the SEC.

What is the Companys Dividend Policy?

The Companys dividend policy is to pay distributions to shareholders at least 50 percent of the net profit based concerning the Companys cut off financial statements after taking away of corporate pension tax and share of all types of reserves in accordance considering the Articles of Association and applicable laws. The Company will with find a variety of factors to determine the Companys dividend payout, including the Companys financial condition and operation results, the era-privileged cash flow requirements for subsequently have an effect on press in front, and any new considerations that may be occupy in lighthearted of current and anticipated circumstances.


The Company will propose the annual dividend payment to shareholders for their sing the praises of at a regular shareholders meeting, and such payments will be reported in the relevant financial archives. The Company may in addition to pick to make performing dividend payments taking into account deemed take possession of based upon the results of its operations and cash flow. Moreover, the Company may select to pay dividends in cash or amassing.