Misty Loman – A Recovering Drug Addict

by James William

A woman named Misty Loman made a lot of headlines after her mugshots went viral. Her mugshots showed her to be in a state of drug addiction. The sheriff who posted her mugshots did so with the intention to discourage drug abuse. Misty Loman had three sons, one of them was stillborn and the other twins died in their womb and less than a month after being born. These tragedies left her traumatized.

Misty Loman’s Mugshots

Misty Loman is an American woman who became famous after her mugshots went viral. She is a mother of two sons and was addicted to meth. She was arrested several times and was facing a lot of legal trouble. She finally decided to turn her life around and get help for her addiction. She was able to overcome her addiction and is now living happily with her husband and children. Her story is a tragedy, but it should serve as a lesson to young people who are thinking about using drugs. A Wisconsin sheriff named Adam Bieber shared her mugshots online, and they went viral, warning against the dangers of meth use. The mugshots showed her dramatic changes in appearance over time, and many people assumed that the drugs were to blame.

The truth is that she was not only struggling with drug addiction, but she also suffered from a number of other health issues. She had lupus and scleroderma, which are diseases that harden the skin and cause it to look dry and wrinkled. She also had bone cancer, which caused her to lose all her hair. She also had severe depression from the tragic death of one of her sons in infancy and another who died while she was pregnant with them. Despite her difficult situation, she was still determined to stay sober and was not deterred by the snide comments she received from fans and her critics. She was able to find the strength she needed through her faith and perseverance, and she is now happy with her life.

Misty Loman is a married woman with two sons, Corey and Jacob. She was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and is a Christian. She was in and out of jail over fifteen times, but she refused to let her addiction take over her life. She turned to her family for support and is now in recovery. Her mugshots were shocking, but they also revealed her true story of struggle and hope. She is a good example of how love and prayer can help people get through their struggles.

Her Drug Addiction

A few years ago, Misty Loman made headlines after mugshots of her were posted online. These photos were taken after she was arrested for drug use. They became popular mainly due to her unconventional appearance and were used as a warning for other drug abusers. However, the mugshots only told one side of her story. The truth is that she had suffered from a lot more than just drug addiction. Misty’s life was a mess when she first got arrested for drug possession in 2019. She had lost her house, her car, and her family. She was also battling scleroderma, a disease that causes the skin to harden, and bone cancer. She was also struggling with extreme stress and depression. In addition, she had two twin sons that died in infancy.

After her mugshots went viral, she received a lot of support from people around the world. Her family and friends encouraged her to get help and she decided to take it seriously. Eventually, she found recovery and is now drug-free. She has also regained her appearance, and her health is much better.

As she recovered, Loman realized that her unusual look was not caused by drugs alone. The disease she was suffering from, scleroderma, was the main cause of her disfigurement. She also had bone cancer, which contributed to her hair loss. Loman now lives in a tiny cottage and is happy with her new life.

She now encourages other addicts to seek treatment and says that prayer is the best way to recover from drug addiction. She is a firm believer that God will help anyone who is willing to ask for help. Her story is a reminder that there are always consequences for any action. Misty has learned this lesson the hard way. Thankfully, she is now in recovery and has reunited with her family. She is grateful for the love and support she has received from the community, and she hopes to continue helping others on their recovery journey. She also encourages people to share her story so that other addicts can find the strength they need to change their lives.

Her Children’s Deaths

After Misty Loman’s mugshots went viral, she became an object of ridicule and even death threats. Despite this, she was determined to turn her life around and live a healthy lifestyle. She currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her two sons, Corey and Jacob. She conducts her financial transactions through the cash app and is a recovering drug addict. According to Misty, she used drugs to numb her pain and cope with the traumas of her children’s deaths. Her older sons convinced her to seek therapy and get long-term treatment for her addiction. In addition, she regained her faith and has since been baptized. Misty now shares her story on social media and encourages others to live a positive life.

Before the mugshots were released, Misty had been arrested numerous times for drug possession. She also suffered from multiple autoimmune diseases, including lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma. Due to her illnesses, she lost her hair and skin and was often hospitalized. The mugshots of her made her look unrecognizable. After the pictures went viral, people assumed that she was dying of drug abuse. Some people even looked up her obituary online. Misty Loman’s sons, Corey and Jacob, encouraged her to recover from her addiction. She received long-term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety and began to regain her health. She is a happy and healthy woman now, but she still struggles with her addiction. Her sons Corey and Jacob continue to support her recovery and help her live a better life.

While some people were supportive of Misty, others were not and accused her of using drugs to ruin her life. In an interview with WBKO, Misty clarified that her children’s deaths were not drug-related. Rather, they were due to her illness and she was in a terrible condition at the time of their deaths. Despite her difficulties, Misty has made great strides in her recovery and has been sober for over three years. Misty is a living proof that it’s possible to overcome addiction and find happiness. She is now a happy mother who lives a comfortable life and enjoys spending time with her family.

Her Recovery

Misty Loman is a woman who has suffered a lot in her life. She has had multiple health issues and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer. She is in a lot of pain, but she is trying to recover. Despite her many setbacks, she is doing well and is proving to be a positive role model for others. When she was arrested, Misty had been using meth for a long time. Her addiction caused her to lose her job and her home. She was living on the streets, and her hair had started to fall out. She had no hope and felt like she had hit rock bottom. Her family and friends begged her to get help, but she refused to do so. She was afraid that she would die and leave her two living sons behind.

As a result of her addiction, she was diagnosed with several medical conditions, including scleroderma and bone cancer. Scleroderma is a chronic illness that causes the skin to tighten and harden. It can also cause rashes, pain, and loss of flexibility in the joints. In addition, it can lead to numbness and swelling in the legs and arms. It is difficult to treat with medications. She eventually began to use drugs again to relieve the pain and numbness in her body. She used cocaine, heroin, and meth. Despite this, she still struggled with her addiction. Eventually, she was arrested for drug possession. Her mugshots were shared online and went viral.


After her mugshots were published, Misty was able to receive the support she needed to break free from her addiction. She found a sober living program, where she was able to focus on her recovery. In the end, she was able to regain her strength and is now living a normal life. Her story is a reminder to anyone who is struggling with addiction that recovery is possible. With the help of her loved ones, she was able to get back on track and is now a happy and healthy person. She has even written a book about her experience.