Rectiv Coupon – How Does It Work?

by James William

Rectiv is an FDA-approved ointment that decreases pain caused by chronic anal fissures. This medication works by dilating blood vessels in the rectal area. This drug is in a class of medications called nitrates. The most common side effects of this medication include headache and dizziness. Avoid consuming alcohol as it can increase these side effects.

How Does A Rectiv Coupon Work?

Rectiv coupon is a prescription-only ointment that treats pain caused by anal fissures (tears in the rectal lining). It works as a vasodilator, improving blood flow and decreasing pressure. It may also be used for other conditions at the discretion of your doctor. Rectiv should be applied in a 1 inch area inside the anus every 12 hours for up to 3 weeks. To avoid contaminating your hands, put on a finger covering before applying the ointment, such as a plastic-wrap or disposable surgical glove. Keep the finger covering on when not in use and store the ointment in a cool, dry place.

Nitroglycerin is converted to nitric oxide in the body, causing the blood vessels to widen and improve circulation. This medication can cause severe headaches in some people, so be sure to tell your doctor if you have headaches while using it. If you have a serious allergic reaction to Rectiv, get emergency medical treatment right away.

How Do I Use A Rectiv Coupon?

Rectiv is a prescription medication that works to relieve pain from chronic anal fissures by increasing blood flow and decreasing pressure in the anus. It contains nitroglycerin which is converted in the body into nitric oxide and then widens blood vessels by stimulating an enzyme called guanylate cyclase. This reduces blood pressure and relaxes smooth muscle. It may take up to 3 weeks for your symptoms to improve. Use as directed and tell your doctor if you experience side effects such as headache, dizziness or low blood pressure.

You can use a coupon to save up to 80% on your Rectiv prescription at CVS, Walgreens and many other pharmacies. Simply enter your zip code to find a participating pharmacy near you. You can also save on Rectiv by using patient assistance programs offered by the drug manufacturer and other organizations. These programs help uninsured and underinsured patients get the medications they need at a lower cost. These offers can be in the form of printable coupons, rebates, savings or copay cards, trial offers or free samples.

How Much Does Rectiv Cost?

Rectiv is a prescription drug that works to relieve pain caused by anal fissures. This medication is in a class of drugs called nitrates and works by relaxing the muscles found in your anal area to decrease pressure and promote healing. This drug can cause side effects such as headache and dizziness, so it’s important to avoid alcoholic beverages and other activities that require your full attention until you know how this medication affects you. It may also increase blood pressure in certain people, so if you notice any signs of low blood pressure, such as lightheadedness or fainting, tell your doctor immediately.

To apply this medication, you will need to place 1 inch of the ointment in your anal canal every 12 hours. Be sure to wash your hands before and after using this medicine. You should also use a finger covering, such as a plastic wrap, disposable surgical glove or a sterile glycerol swab, to prevent contamination of the medication.

Where Can I Find A Rectiv Coupon?

Rectiv is a brand name for a topical nitroglycerin ointment that treats pain from anal fissures (tearing of the rectal lining). This medication works by widening blood vessels and relaxing muscles to improve blood flow and reduce pressure. It is only available by prescription from your doctor. If you do not have insurance, the Rectiv cost can be prohibitive. You may qualify for prescription assistance programs to help pay for your medications. These programs are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, state and federal governments, non-profits, and healthcare organizations. They can include discounts, copay accumulators, or free medications.

The average cost of Rectiv without insurance is about $735 for 30 grams of 0.4% ointment. You can use a Rectiv coupon from BuzzRx to lower your costs at many participating pharmacies. Be sure to bring your coupon with you to the pharmacy, as this can save you up to 80% on your Rectiv prescription. Rectiv is for rectal use only; do not get it in your eyes, nose, or mouth.


Rectiv (nitroglycerin) is a nitrate that works inside the anus to relax muscles and reduce pressure. It is used to treat pain caused by anal fissures. Apply a small amount of medication to your anal area as directed by your doctor. Cover the finger you are using with plastic-wrap, a medical glove, or a finger cot to avoid irritation. Place your covered finger alongside the 1 inch mark on the tube.